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Your Patsystems Trading Robot

   Description of EUROSET_Trading.

   Trades automatisation with Euroset_Trading :

    You can use the robot with all trading softwares which can create files on the hard disk : Tradestation®, etc.

    Euroset Trading reads the disk every tenth second, and pass the order via Internet.

    Euroset Trading can manage infinity of orders on infinity of accounts.

programme passage ordre système automatique logiciel tradestation® automatiser trading automatiquement position marché trade bourse finance

   Fonctions de trading supplémentaire d’Euroset_Trading :   
  • Orders passage with a siple click on BUY or SELL button

  • Direct click sur Bid/Ask to Stop buy and Stop sell.
  • Cancellation of stop positions with one click
  • Cancellation of all buy positions with the « Buy Cancel » button
  • Cancellation of all sell Positions with the « Sell cancel » button
  • Cancellation of all waiting orders
  • Restauration of all cancelled orders
  • We can trade on many accounts automatically or manually
  • Tradind on all the markets permitted by the broker.
  • Complet display of 2 markets. (Bid,Ask,Voumes)
  • Choice of market, contract and expiration date.
  • Start the robot.
  • Stop the robot.
  • State of the Price Server
  • State of the Transaction Server.
  • Warning of internet breakings.
  • Increase/Decrease Limit price with the + or – buttons.
  • List in real time of the last ten value and volume of the contract, whith date ans time.
  • Report of all the trades of the day.
  • Avertissement des ordres en réseau ( sur un nombre illimité de postes ). Logiciel d’avertissement réseau d’EUROSET.
  • Warning of new order passed by the robot on all computers on the lan.
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